Entertainment Inquiries

pride & joy singing to crowd websmThanks for your interest in performing at the festival. Our show is booked for 2017. To submit for next year please WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER. We accept submissions between November and January.

Please send us a link to your website, promotional materials…INCLUDING VIDEO! We do not hire bands without being able to see actual performances on video (i.e., please don’t send just a promotional video). Our deadline for submissions is Feb 15 2018.

We get over 150 submissions per year. While we would love to respond to each of you and capt jack margot duane image weblet you know we got your materials and whether or not we are hiring you, this is not a viable option.  It usually takes us until late March or early April to review everything and decide who to book, at which time we will contact you if we would like to book you. If you do not hear from us that means we are not hiring you. Multiple calls and emails generally are an annoyance: just an FYI. Thanks for your understanding.

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