Festival Artists 2018

The artists and craftspeople who do the festival are from all over California and other parts of the country. This festival features excellent quality work, all made by the applying artist. We do not accept buy and sell or imports.
2018  Artist/Food Product List
Bob Adams Adam’s Olives Food Product
Leslee Adams Leslee Adam’s Art
2-Dimensional Art
Thomas Allen California Balsamic Food Product
George Anderson Ride-Um George’ Jewelry
Peter Bailey PB Designs Jewelry
Cory Ballis Ballis Glass Glass
Steve Baranowski Ancient Hands Tile Ceramics
Virginie Blakey Virginie Blakey Jewelry
Mark Bowden Tea & Trumpets Food Product
Casey Bridges Sacred Stone Sculpture
Randall Bryett Aussie Wild Photography Photography
Siep Bueneker Fab Photography Photography
Mark Carter Coolshoes Leather
Cheri Chamberlain ZOH jewelry Jewelry
Paula Chang Fabrications Jewelry
Kui Chung frames by kui Glass
Jason Curasi Neckease pillows Miscellaneous Craft
Jason Dayne JEEBA Jewelry Jewelry
Cyndi DeBoard Bella Jackson Studio Metal
Rosemarie Dunn Rosemarie Dunn Art 2-Dimensional Art
Chris Efstratis Natural Fire Ceramics
Candace Feldman Ray of Light Natural Beauty Jewelry
Rachel Fisher Alasse Art 2-Dimensional Art
Cindy Fox Fox Art
Mixed Media
Brooke Glineur Aquamarine Jewelry Studio Jewelry
Jay Gordin Jay Bear Knives Metal
John Gowan Gowan Fine Art 2-Dimensional Art
Thomas Haddy Haddy Stoneworks
Mixed Media
Mary Halpin Halpin Art Ceramics
Tomomi Hamano Hamano Jewelry
Christine Hartsock CEH Creations Jewelry
Stephanie Hayes S Hayes Ceramics
Youngmo Hong Voyager Leather
Kathryn Jones Silver & Stones Jewelry
Amber Jones Ambrz Art Metal
Jonathan Kates A High Standard of Dyeing Wearables
Patrick Kelley Kelleys Glass Glass
Alice Kelzer Alice Frost Studio Wearables
Tanja King MiniBee Cosmetics/Soaps
Alison Klippel Raphael Originals Mixed Media
David Knuutti Nan’s Gourmet Foods Food Product
Hadas Kol Hadas Kol Collection Jewelry
Jessica Lee Jessica Lee Jewelry Jewelry
Clementine Lee Clementine The Amazing Face Painting Face Painting
Scott Macklin Fantasy Jewelry Jewelry
Sandy Maguire New West Designs 2-Dimensional Art
Elisabeth Mahnken ME Designs Jewelry
Kevin Makaryk Wild Coast Woodcraft Wood
Nicole Marecki Fabulous Fabrics Wearables
Karen Mastrian Rascal Moon Design Jewelry
Catherine McElroy Catherine Mcelroy Gallery 2-Dimensional Art
Mike McLaughlin Cavelion Studio Ceramics
Jodi Mullen YeahYeah!PonyPrince Wearables
Joe Murphy Joe Murphy Jewelry
Jeffrey Nelson Hudson River Inlay Wood
Diane Owens Owen’s Jewlery
Anna Pavlova Lady Bug Design Wood
Nicole Pepper MODHome Ceramics Ceramics
Hector Perez Velazquez Sun Lover’s Place Metal
Mark Schatz Schatz Glass
Karl Schroen Schroen Knives Metal
Ralph Sharp DRC Studio Metal
Lauren Smith Smith Goldsmith Jewelry
Julie Anna Smith Creative Endeavors Wearables
Terry Stolz Tery Stolz Ceramics
Thomas Thorp Karve-Ware Wood
Jennifer Utsch Jendala Metal
Lisa Van de Water Cerise de Terre Ceramics Ceramics
Hester van Diggelen Hester van Diggelen Jewelry Jewelry
Danielle Velasquez Flip Your Lid Wood
Caroline Vieira Decora Sculpture
Cynthia Whitchurch Whitchurch Glass Designs Glass
Kim Williams Pure Intent Wearables
Saul Yurivilca Yuri’s Design Jewelry
Saul Yurivilca Yurivilca
Mixed Media

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