Entertainment Inquiries

pride & joy singing to crowd websmThank you for your interest in performing at the festival. We’re fully booked for 2023. Please submit November-January for 2024.


Things to keep in mind when submitting:

1) Include live video in your submission: not some perfectly mixed,cool-looking promo piece. That does not show us how you look/sound on stage. Conversely, don’t make it too rough, with people talking and poor quality. The video should show a full song or two, and be shot professionally, not on a cell phone at a bar.

2) Don’t bug us after you’ve submitted. Some people contact us multiple times to see if we’re hiring them. This is just annoying. We get over 100 submissions per year and cannot contact all of you. Chances are we got your submission. If you want to check please email us….once.

3) If we’re hiring you, we’ll contact you. If you don’t hear from us then we’re not. Simple.

4) We hire very few new bands. That sounds cruel, but we’re being honest. We have 3 stages, 2 of which have music and the other comedy entertainment. The 2 music stages include up to 11 bands for the whole weekend. Out of those 7 or more will be bands we hire on a regular basis, because they have a following in our area and we love them. We rotate bands every year, but we do hire the same folks if they are a good fit for us.

5) Conversely, we are always looking for more comedy entertainers. There seems to be a dearth of strong performers in this realm, and they are often booked on our weekend.

6) Our budget is modest. Those of you with big agencies and big names are wasting your time with us. We usually don’t hire out-of-area bands, nor do we pay big fees or lodging/travel expenses. There are too many talented musicians locally. You’re welcome to submit your roster to us, but just know unless a band will already be in our area and are willing to play for a reasonable rate, we are not interested.

Thanks all!

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