Wines and Microbrews 2023

(This page will continue to be updated as companies add into the tasting.)

The Tasting is a highlight of the festival. Held in a huge tent, with 40-50 companies pouring during the weekend, it’s a wonderful way to discover new wines and microbrews. The cost is $30 for a glass and 6 tastes (each taste is 1/3 of a glass, so that’s equivalent to 2 glasses of wine or beer). Additional tastes are $3. 

Companies sign up for shifts: Each day has two. Some companies come for the whole weekend, and some just for a shift or a day. The schedule will be posted on this site the week prior to the festival.

Each company has its own pouring station, so you can walk through the tent and see who is pouring. Generally each shift has twenty or more companies.

We have a special area in the tasting for sales by the bottle of wines, and some beers. Many companies sell their products during the weekend.

If you would just like a glass of wine or beer you can get that for $10 at the Wine/Beer Booth down by the Main Stage. Lagunitas and Pacifico are this year’s Beer Sponsors and our Wine Sponsor is Mercury Wines.

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